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Voodoo Spells You can Surely Use

When you hear the word Voodoo, you immediately associate it with something that hurts other people. The absence of material discussing about Voodoo’s history caused this misunderstanding about what it really is. The general public must know about the other things it can offer other than curses and hexes. Readers should get some facts straight about Voodoo to begin with. Voodoo started from Africa as a religious practice and was spread to the other parts of the world due to the slave trade. Voodoo practitioners did not leave their old practices behind and they simply combined them with Western Christianity’s belief system after their forced conversion.

Witchcraft is like a skill you practice but Voodoo is a belief system you adhere to, however these two partake in the act of utilizing external forces to get a very specific outcome. If you do some witchcraft to positively impact the world around you, it is considered as white magic. Black magic refers to the usage of witchcraft for personal gain or to the benefit of the few only. Every act of witchcraft comes with a consequence, so they have to be carefully considered and done. One must cautiously think about the accountability that comes with performing the magic.

When someone deliberately hurts you, a banishing spell prevents them from doing it again. When someone always hurts you with their fist, you can stop them from doing it again by casting a binding spell to that fist. There are other uses for binding spells, you can cast them to stop yourself from impulsive money spending. If you are having a vacation to some other place, a protective spell can prevent accidents.

In Voodoo, they practice crossing and uncrossing. When you want to curse a person, you do crossing. On the other hand, uncrossing is the act of removing the curse from a person. There is also another voodoo practice where magical powder is spread to the ground to cause harm against people that step on it, and it is called foot track magic.

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One of the free voodoo spells you can learn is a form of love spell, you need to knot a new string while voicing out your desired future with your significant other. By wearing a jewelry of your birthstone, you perform a simple beauty spell to preserve your youthful glow and vigor. If you want to become more alluring to others then you can try the simple beauty spell of doing a rose bath. During the spring time, you can perform a beauty spell that requires you to apply to your face the morning dew accumulated in a small bowl set on the grasses, which helps in becoming more attractive.

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