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Categories of Regenerative Medicine Read more about regenerative medicine cures disease. Day by day people are dying of diseases that are affecting our society such as diabetes, cancer, pneumonia, heart attacks, and heart diseases. Am Regenerative medicine center is coming up with strategies and ways of improving healthcare so that people can be helped. Check out more information on regenerative medicine center. A cancer patient is dying daily because we have not yet found a cure or precautions for the and this is affecting many lives in ety. Cancer has become a silent killer disease and going with a lot of people in society. see more on the cancer patients miserable life.

American medical center is working towards ensuring that they have a cure for previously untreated diseases and are also coming up with new drugs that help in this disease. This homepage wi give you details about what the America medical centers have been able to invent in terms of regeneration medicine. This article will specifically look at the various types of Regenerative medicine. Get more information about regenerative medicine and it’s typing.

The stem cell therapy is a kind of regenerative medicine that uses cells to repair the response of disease and also heal injured tissues. Diabetes and heart attack can be cured through stem cell therapy. Stem cells produce insulin which is injected in a person body to treat them diabetes while it also helps to repair heart attack with heart muscle cells. Get more information about how insulin works for diabetic people.

Another type of regenerative medicine is the Amniotic membrane which is a membrane found the inner parts of the placenta. See more on parts of the placenta. The amniotic membrane is used as a graft, which is a piece of living tissue which is transplanted and also used as dressing facility to enhance healing.
Platelet plasm is also another type of regeneration medicine that works by injecting a person her concentration of platelets to quicken the healing of injured ligaments. The platelet-rich plasma is used to smoother wrinkles on your faces and also to work your skin texture and tone. See more on plasma on this homepage.
Tissue engineering uses a combination of cells to cure different types of diseases.

Many other regenerative medicines will be invented in the future to come which will help human beings to control certain diseases in their bodies. Learn more about medicine invention.

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