The best ice cream of many species

Adria Gold Ice cream is a quality and Czech product with a long tradition. That you have not yet had the honour to know and taste it? Then it is high time to remedy this, because the summer is approaching in a hurry, and customers eager for ice cream are inseparably.
Ice cream and its production are among our main products, we specialize in high quality ice creams for business partners whose customers require quality. We are producers of confectionery ice cream and blends for making so many popular and sought after draught. We offer ready-made frozen mixtures as well as dry powdered, creamy, fruity and naturalized fruit sorbets.
TOP in the ice cream rankings
Adria Gold Ice cream is the tip of ice cream on the Czech market, which we continue to improve quality. We draw on the requirements of customers and their demands not only on the appearance of ice cream.