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Health Benefits of Having Enough Testosterone

Testosterone is known for being a male sex hormone, and men have a higher amount than women. Seven weeks after conception, men to start producing testosterone hormones. The hormone is highly produced at puberty, and the production can decrease when the man is after thirty years. The male body has more than enough testosterone hormone, but at times the body can lower the production of this hormone. The testosterone hormone that is not in the right amount in the body will lead to health conditions that if not taken care of your condition may worsen; hence you should be on the lookout for these low testosterone symptoms. These are the health benefits of testosterone hormone.

Testosterone hormone controls the level of hormones produced in the body by regulating the amount of hormones that and doctor system produces. The process of production of testosterone hormone begins from the brain where the hypothalamus alerts the pituitary gland to release testosterone hormone. The testicles are then stimulated by the pituitary gland to produce the testosterone hormone because this is where they are produced. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing testosterone hormone in women and women but smaller amounts in women. The changes such as deep voice, increased muscles and many more you should learn about that occur in men at puberty is because of the testosterone hormone. You can get help from Dr. Kevin Billups if you are not noticing any male changes in your body in your teenage hood for him to administer testosterone therapy to you.

When you start growing into teenage hood there will be massive growth of hair on your face, around the genitals and in the armpits because testosterone hormone stimulates the growth of this hair. You may experience the growth of hair on the legs, arms, and chest. There is more information about other causes of hair loss on this site and contact Dr. Kevin Billups for assistance. The testosterone therapy can cause acne and breasts growing among many other side effects that have remedies .

Your blood circulation is healthy because of the testosterone hormone. It stimulates the production of the red blood cells by the bone marrow to enable you to have sufficient blood. You may have low blood content because of some other reasons that are not due to the testosterone hormone. Ensure that the diet foods that will give you enough iron when you notice that your blood level is reducing and learn about these foods because there are alot of them. You can also take iron supplements and instructions from the doctor. You should consult The Billups Centre for more information on how they can help you regain blood sufficiency. You can find Dr. Kevin Billups or The Billups Centre for help if you have low blood levels because it may be a result of low testosterone hormones in your body.

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